Idea Shop East – Oglivy

10 Sep

Companies both big and small, for profit and not for profit all face a similar dilemna. Creating a message that connects with their audience, and then disseminating the message correctly. This is what ad agencies get paid for. Only problem, is more often than not, the cost associated with hiring an agency creates a barrier for many businesses or organizations. Enter Ogilvy.

In a new world where the “cloud” may replace the Internet, virtual communities can be built in moments and pop up shops, errr, Ad Agencies can well….Pop Up.  Ogilvy has setup their own Pop Up Shop – Idea Shop East. According to their site:

“Idea Shop is Ogilvy’s chance to give something back by doing what we do best – coming up with really, really good ideas.

The first Idea Shop opened its doors in Briton Market, February 2010. We saw 60 clients in 3 days – including everyone from Macmillan Cancer Care to local corner shop BK Enterprises, to a photographer, to a crepêry, to a local school.  It was a great experience for everyone involved. The volunteers got a buzz out of the quick fire brainstorms and meeting people they wouldn’t normally meet. The clients got some top-notch advice – much of which was implemented within weeks of the pop-up.

More Idea Shops will pop up throughout 2010. The next one, Idea Shop East will run 8-10 July. We’re also on the lookout for a small and medium business conference we could be of some use at.

Idea Shop is entirely staffed by volunteers from Ogilvy Group UK. We can advise on advertising, marketing, PR, digital, social media, strategy, direct marketing, branding, design, copywriting and more.

To make Idea shop possible we rely people donating free shop space. If you have a shop space to offer us, or would like Idea Shop to visit your areas, please get in touch.”

We live in a new world and things are changing quickly. Oglivy seems to get this, and them embracing the idea of the Pop Up shop and applying it back to the agency world is impressive to say the least. I have a feeling many others will follow in their footsteps.


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