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The Intro

8 Jan



I took my nephew out to the soccer field for the first time the other day. He found the net. I think that’s a good sign. Maybe he’ll be a striker…


Kansas City Viewing

7 Jan

kc-roof copy

When we were in Kansas City recently we were lucky enough to get a tour of the Sporting Kansas City offices. I promise you that there rooftop lounge / bar / party space is better than just about any company out there. The view wasn’t so bad either. Shouts to our Sporting KC family for the tour and hospitality.



7 Jan



Awhile back I was in Barcelona – this happened to be before my nephew was born. While there, I got him a customized Barca kit with his last name on the back. A couple of weeks ago he was finally big enough to wear the full getup. This also happened to be our first time hanging on a soccer field together. The first of many no doubt. It was a special moment that I’ll always remember. And I will look forward to many more moments like this with him.

Shoe Game

7 Jan


I got my nephew and I both a ┬ápair of Jordan IV’s. I always wanted a pair of these when I was a kid and it never happened. His sneaker game is legit.

Room With A View

7 Jan



Lake Arrowhead – January 2014


6 Oct

Wall of Fame

3 Sep

Cruising the LES with Luis and Nick when we found this building covered in graffiti. Impossible for all of us not to take it all in and snap some photos. We probably could have spent hours looking at the details and work that had been put into this.

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